COVID-19. Communicate

All of us have already been affected in some way by the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. This is obviously a very challenging time and although the near-term outlook is uncertain, we remain committed to our investment program.

The Advantage Executive Services team is now working from home. Fortunately, we have an outstanding, tested and reliable IT infrastructure in place and have enacted our Business continuity. All our team members are equipped with the hardware and software they need to fully carry out their roles remotely.

We are ready to endure and prepare to support your needs.

Our story

Advantage Executive Services stood its first foot on the market on July 01, 2005. Those exciting first days were crucial in putting our ideas to work.

Those were the days on which the extra mile was the regular; perpetual effort, defined goals, dynamic working solutions, and above all, a determined team aiming and backing each other in the same direction.

Yesterday’s effort became today’s trademark in an ever changing world.

Advantage Executive Services, where your goal is our trademark.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and defined, but with a high degree of flexibility to deliver our objectives, guided by our inner board and investment committees. We design programs and choose investments projects in response to gaps and needs in the market and continually look for new methods and partners to address the challenges small, medium, and large businesses face.

Our Method

Direct investment is not our only approach when speaking about assisting a business, but instead works with the market to provide funding through our partners and covenants. Our partners have investment programs for a broad range of small and high growth businesses across sectors, regions and business stages.